Midi-Controlled Skull w/ Red Eyes
Midi-Controlled Skull w/ White Eyes
Clear MIDI-Controlled Skull

Midi-Controlled Skull w/ Hair

MIDI-Controlled Skull w/ Red Eyes and Lighted Mouth

Animated Skull (MIDI-Controlled)

Talking Skulls

Control this animated skull Halloween prop with your computer and make it say or do anything you want. Have it sing along with your favorite scary song, tell jokes, inform your guests about your haunt's rules or even make fun of bad Halloween costumes.

Get one talking skull and have it perform by itself or use it as part of a larger prop. Get several animated skulls and have your very own skull choir!

This talking skull has a jaw that moves and eyes that light up. It connects to the MIDI port on your computer (or any other device that sends MIDI data). You can use any sequencing software you'd like to play audio and control the skull (we highly recommend Reaper if you're not already using something).

We have several styles available, and they change all the time. Check the shopping cart to see what is currently in stock.

Note: Due to manufacturing variations, skull finish may vary slightly from that pictured.

MIDI Implementation:

Send note-on/note-off events to the skull to make the mouth open/close and the eyes turn on/off.
  • Note 60 (C4): Mouth
  • Note 61 (C#4): Eyes
  • Note 62 (D4): Blue LED (clear version only), or Mouth (lighted mouth version only)
  • Note 63 (D#4): Green LED (clear version only)


  • Skull
  • Custom MIDI Cable
  • 3 AA Batteries (installed)

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